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Engagement Rings: Top Tips for Cleaning Jewellery

Many individuals worry about cleaning jewellery pieces, with a fear that they may dull the sparkle of their favourite item or break any delicate clasps.

We have put together a comprehensive guide of how to clean your precious jewellery items, without causing harm to the finish, with a focus on cleaning your engagement ring and stones including, diamonds, sapphires or rubies.

The exact techniques you may use to clean your engagement ring will vary, depending on the type of stone and metal it is made from.

Before you begin cleaning your engagement ring, it is vital to check that all clasps and stones are intact and of sound quality. If you notice any loose clasps, or the ring or item is particularly old, it is essential that you have these fixed, prior to cleaning, to avoid causing any harm to the jewellery.

Cleaning jewellery: The Method

It is important to note that this cleaning method will only work on diamonds, sapphires and rubies. What’s great is that this easy method can be used as often as you like, keeping your engagement ring looking as good as new.

Run a basin full of warm/hot water. Be sure to put the plugin to avoid accidentally losing your ring.
Take a small, soft, bristled brush, such as a baby’s toothbrush, and place a few drops of neat washing up liquid on it. Remember, it is important to ensure that the bristles on the brush are soft to avoid scratching the metal.
Once you are happy you have all dirt off the ring, dry the piece using a lint free cloth or a gold or platinum polishing cloth, then continue polishing the metal to reveal a beautiful shine.

Cleaning jewellery pieces at home can only help you get so much dirt from the item. To keep your most treasured items sparkling, consider using the expert cleaning services offered by our professional jewellers at Terence Lett.

With a wealth of industry experience, you can trust us to carefully clean all of your precious pieces, no matter the stone or metal. For more information on the jewellery care services we provide, contact a member of our trusted team on 01993 779769. We look forward to hearing from you.

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