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How to Select The Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Partner

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So you’ve decided to pop the question, congratulations! But now what?

Perhaps your next step will be choosing that all-important, perfect engagement ring. An engagement ring is the ultimate proposal companion, but there’s always the risk of choosing a ring that your partner won’t be completely enamoured with upon the presentation of the item. To negate this possibility, Terence Lett have offered four measures to consider when looking to buy the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

Navigating the spectrum of engagement rings in the market is not an easy task – with such a large and varied range out there, you may feel slightly uneasy when beginning your quest for the perfect ring. Conduct a lot of online research before stepping foot in a jewellers to ensure that you are at least aware of the budget of the important purchase, setting realistic limitations to stop you from feeling overwhelmed when physically browsing through a large number of engagement rings. A great place to start your research is by peeking through your partner’s current jewellery collection to get an impression of their style. Do they enjoy splashes of colour, or would they prefer a stunning diamond stone? Is their jewellery simple and delicate, or flashy and sizeable? Your findings will help to inform your choices when you finally step foot in front of the engagement ring counter.

Learn and determine the four C’s
If you’ve decided that a diamond engagement ring is the one for you, you will need to learn more about the four C’s; cut, clarity, colour, and carat. The ‘cut’ of the ring refers to the shape of the diamond, whilst the ‘carat’ is determined by the size and weight of the stone. The ‘clarity’ focuses on the flaws within the stone, and the ‘colour’ is attributed to how clear the diamond is. Generally, the clearer the colour and clarity and the heavier the carat of the stone, the more expensive the diamond engagement ring will be. An expert jeweller will be more than happy to guide you through the four C’s to ensure that all these factors have been taken into consideration when making your final decision.

Select the metal
The metal of the band is not to be overlooked – with options such as rose gold, white gold, and brilliant silver available and very popular with current fashion trends, a plethora of choices are on hand. For an unconventional ring design, bands set with multiple flat, sparkling diamonds are always a winner. When selecting the metal of your perfect engagement ring band, don’t forget to think about the wedding ring styles available also; matching the engagement ring to the eventual wedding ring is a fantastic way to ensure that the pieces chosen are timeless and versatile.

Pop in Terence Lett!
With a dedicated bridal area and a highly knowledgeable team on hand to answer any questions you may have, Terence Lett are confident that you will find your perfect engagement ring within our extensive range. Simply head on down to our Witney showroom to greet our collection of stunning engagement rings and discover the perfect ring for your partner. There is much to be gained from speaking to a professional jeweller who can provide impartial advice and guidance on an array of styles, designs, and band options.

Do not hesitate to contact the Terence Lett team at 01993 779769 prior to a showroom visit if you are keen to discuss your engagement ring options with us. Our team are discreet and will work with you to make sure that your proposal remains a secret right up until the special moment!

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