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Right Hand Rings

an image of a female hand wearing a right hand ring

Since coming to the forefront in the 1920s, right hand rings are once again becoming popular for women that are looking to make a statement, treat themselves or simply for fashion purposes.

They are often referred to as ‘cocktail rings’, which sights it’s significance from the rise in popularity of these items in the 1920s. At this point in time, the era of prohibition and speakeasies in the US, women were beginning to liberate themselves and forbade what was laid out in front of them by outdated ideals.


Reports over the years depict the right hand ring, often worn on the right-hand ‘ring finger’, as a rebellion against marriage. We don’t see it this way. There is something about this tradition, or stylistic choice, that represents the power of women and a right hand ring is an appropriately tasteful medium for expressing this. At the time, in the 1920s, there were certain, inconceivably incorrect, expectations of women that were shattered by the declaration of independence that a right hand ring offered. But the negative connotations of a rebellious attitude are not applicable here; it’s more simply taking control of one’s life.


Nowadays, a right hand ring could still be an expression of economic, emotional or otherwise independence, but it could also just be a celebration of an achievement: a promotion, a graduation, a birthday, a divorce even. The precedent has been affectionately coined as “right hand for me, left hand for we” – representing that women are not possessions, but free to live as they please.


Now, right hand rings are not required to be worn as a political, social or rebellious statement, they can simply be a matter of fashion. Stacking rings is very fashionable, and we get it. Part of the historic significance of the cocktail ring does still come from flamboyance and extravagance though, which is why so many rings that are worn on the right hand are a vessel for great gemstones. This peacocking, so to speak, can be further accentuated for right-handed wearers as they are more likely to inadvertently parade their actions using their prominent hand.

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