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Terence Lett’s Watch Buying Guide – For Men

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Buying a statement timepiece is almost a rite of passage for men; gifted at special birthdays, anniversaries or even chosen by the watch-wearer himself to firmly cement their foray into ‘adulthood.’

However, with such an extensive range of watches available in an array of shapes, sizes, and brands, there is no doubt that first-time watch buyers may feel overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending supply of options on offer. But fret not! With Terence Lett’s comprehensive watch buying guide, you can easily become the master of the watch world.

Within the following watch buying guide, Terence Lett has offered three aspects below that need to be determined before settling on your perfect watch.

Choice of Brand
There are many renowned watch brands out there that are wholly known for producing high quality timepieces that are sought after all over the globe. Rolex’s reputation as a watchmaker is truly unbeatable, whilst OMEGA’s iconic timepieces have adorned the wrists of numerous famous figures, such as James Bond, Elvis Presley, and Buzz Aldrin. It’s always a good idea to research into any brands or styles that take your fancy, ensuring you read a good portion of online reviews of the company as a whole and the style of watch that has caught your eye. Despite their celebration all over the world, Rolex watches or Breitling watches for example, may not suit your lifestyle conditions for a myriad of reasons. Carrying out research, or even getting in contact with an expert jewellers such as Terence Lett to speak to a professional to gain advice, will immeasurably enhance your watch buying knowledge, and thus, watch choices.

Use of Watch
How you wish to use the watch will determine the model best suited to your needs. A day-to-day watch that can be paired with a wide range of styles and fashion situations may need to offer different features than a statement piece would, for example. A watch ideal for sporting purposes will provide a different look than a classical watch would, so make sure that you have highlighted your specific requirements before delving into a jewellers to browse through their collection.

Price Range for Purchase
As overwhelming as the watch choices on offer may initially seem, it is actually great for those seeking an unconventional style or brand. Not everyone has enough expendable income to splash out on a Rolex, but there are plenty of other brands that supply high quality watches at reasonable prices. Certina and Tissot, for example, are two notable brands whose products don’t compromise on quality despite the affordable price.

There is simply nothing better than slipping on a sturdy, beautiful watch and trying it out for size. It is vital that your watch sits comfortably on your wrist, without pulling or touching your skin, and this test is something that online browsing simply cannot offer. As expert watch suppliers, the Terence Lett team have worked within the watch industry for almost 30 years. The above watch buying guide is simply a small taster into our industry expertise, so why not take a visit to our Witney luxurious showrooms and discover our collection of watch brands on offer? No matter your taste preferences or budget, we are confident that we will uncover the ideal timepiece for you. If you’d like to call the team prior to a showroom visit, do not hesitate to call the Terence Lett team today at 01993 779769.

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