Pre-Owned & Second Hand Watches

At Terence Lett, we sell pre-owned watches from watchmakers, including OMEGA, Breitling, TAG Heuer and GUCCI.

We understand the appeal of owning a brand-new watch. Still, There’s also the charm of owning a used timepiece—the history, its unwavering character, and the possibility of getting your hands on a coveted model at a more accessible price point.

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So why would you opt for a pre-owned watch?

More value for a lower price

A second-hand timepiece will still have the luxury and functionality of all our brand-new watches, yet it will comfortably be more affordable.

Our watch experts lovingly examine each timepiece to guarantee flawless performance. Therefore, you can acquire a masterfully crafted watch and the stories and heritage it carries with the benefit of a reduced price tag.

Authenticity Guaranteed

At the core of Terence Lett is a commitment to genuine quality. Each watch in our preowned collection is subject to vigorous checks by our in-store watch experts, upholding our unwavering standards. 

A Sustainable option

Choosing one of our used watches is also an environmentally conscious decision. By appreciating enduring craftsmanship and reducing the need for new production, you become a vital part of a cycle that is kind to the planet. Once you purchase a used watch, you have made a choice that benefits both you and the environment.

Pre-owned timepieces from luxury watchmakers

Our second-hand watch collection includes OMEGA, Breitling, TAG Heuer, and Gucci timepieces. Another benefit is that used watch collections often feature rare find timepieces no longer available.

Trustworthy Service

At Terence Lett, we know a watch is more than just a time-keeping device. It should be a statement of your style and personality.

Rest assured, at Terence Lett, we are here to assist you with your watch purchase.

The service we offer at Terence Lett is only matched by the quality of the jewellery and timepieces we stock online and in our Witney, Oxfordshire store.

Whether you are already a seasoned watch collector or just about to embark on your first purchase, Terence Lett and its watch experts are on hand to assist you along the way.

With all pre-owned purchases online, we offer free delivery, ensuring your perfect watch arrives quickly and safely. 

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