OMEGA Striped "No Time To Die" Polyamide Strap

SKU: 031CWZ014739

Striped ” No Time To Die” dark brown, grey and beige nylon fabric strap with grade 2 titanium for the buckle and 007 engraved loop.

OMEGA’s NATO-inspired straps have been influenced by some particularly robust and storied ancestors and can trace their earliest origins to the Second World War. Available in a variety of bold colours and materials, the “NATO” straps of today convey the essence of the originals while exhibiting a more contemporary and stylish look.

Lug Size: 19mm-20mm
Lug Size: 21mm-22mm

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Brand: OMEGA
Material: Polyamide
Lug Size: 19mm-20mm
Lug Size: 21mm-22mm






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