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In-store we are able to provide an array of options to refresh and rejuvenate your watches with a vast variety of different width leather watch straps. We are also able to order parts from various suppliers to the store to be fitted at your leisure. We offer a bracelet sizing alteration service for most watch brands as well as clasp replacements/repairs.

We are happy to offer battery replacements for most watches and can even send off a watch requiring resealing for water resistance to its supplier for your convenience. We have invested in resealing equipment in-store for TAG Heuer and OMEGA which ensures and guarantees water resistance on these watches when a battery is replaced, giving you peace of mind that the same work has been taken out on your watch, with a faster turnaround compared to competitors.

Watches are either an electronic or mechanical powered item and so this means that after years of use it is necessary to have them serviced. At Terence Lett we can provide complete overhauls of your watch to bring it back to the pristine condition that it once was and return it to a well-oiled, accurate time-keeping machine.

For pricing and further information for any of these services please call us on 01993 779769, email us at info@terencelett.com or best of all visit us in-store.

Caring for your watch

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