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Choosing your wedding rings is always such a special event.

Long after the confetti has blown away and the excitement of the day has faded, your wedding rings will be there to symbolise the commitment you made to each other when you said ‘I do’.x

We have had the pleasure of helping couples find their perfect wedding rings over the years and how things have changed… Long gone are the days when all you had to choose from was a plain yellow gold band; today the choices are endless! Your wedding rings are something you will treasure for many years to come, so it is important to choose a ring which celebrates your personality!

Wedding Rings

At Terence Lett, we know that planning your wedding can be a stressful experience; there is a lot to plan and organise ready for your big day, but one thing that doesn’t have to be stressful is choosing the rings you’ll exchange when you say ‘I Do’.

Bride and Groom Showing Their Engagement Wedding Rings on Hands

A Promise Made to Last

When it comes to choosing your wedding rings, our experienced team of wedding ring experts are here to guide you through every step and will help you find the perfect rings that are as unique as you are.

A Little Extra TLC

As an extra special treat, when you buy your wedding rings from Terence Lett, you will also receive our complimentary TLC pack. Including an engraving, resizing and three refinishes, all our wedding rings also come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be sure that your rings will always be a symbol of a promise made to last.


The table below provides information relating to our more popular precious metals: 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct, Platinum, Palladium and their appearance durability and price range.

    Yellow Gold:

Yellow Gold boasts the rich yellow hue for which the metal is famous and suitable for everyday wear.

White Gold:

White Gold appears a silvery white on the outside, but underneath is a yellow gold alloy as White Gold does not exist naturally. Featuring a rhodium-plating to give the metal its shine and colour, White Gold requires regular replating in order to maintain its colour.

Rose Gold:

With a lustrous blush pink tone, Rose Gold is an alloy of copper and gold. With added strength thanks to are copper alloy, Rose Gold is a durable choice which does not require additional maintenance.


With its hypoallergenic status making it a sought-after metal for jewellery, Platinum is naturally a lustrous silvery-white in colour. Platinum requires very little maintenance and does not tarnish due to its superior durability.


Palladium looks very similar in colour to Platinum but is much less dense - this means it is a great choice if you want the steely white colour of Platinum but not the weight on your finger. It is relatively hardwearing and low maintenance as it does not require plating.


Whether you're after a classic polished wedding ring, or something a little more unique, at Terence Lett we hold in stock a range of wedding ring styles in a variety of metals, so you will be sure to find the right ring for you. Available in all Golds, or Palladium and Platinum, our selection of rings include patterned and diamond set, as well as the more traditional plain style, to suit you and your budget.


Available in all golds, palladium and platinum.


When it comes to the comfort of your wedding ring, it's all in the profile. With a variety of options, visit us in store to try them for yourself and discover the perfect ring for you.

The court profile is the most traditional style of a wedding ring. The rounded inside and outside means that it will sit comfortably on your finger.

A D-Shape wedding ring is a very traditional option. Flat on the inside and round on the outside, this style of ring provides a comfortable shape which sits close on your finger and is less likely to catch, whilst still appearing substantial.

Flat on the outside, but it can be flat or rounded on the inside depending on preference.

For a more unusual style of a wedding ring, why not try one of these alternative profiles. All designed for those looking for something a little more interesting.


If you've chosen a plain design for your wedding ring, have you thought about adding a textured finish? With options including 'Sparkly Matt', 'Paper' and 'Sandblasted', there is a range of choices to add the finishing touches to your wedding ring.


You've chosen your wedding rings, why not add a personal touch with our complimentary engraving service. Whether it's the date of the wedding, each others name or a secret message the two of your share, the engraving can be inscribed in a variety of preset styles including block or italic. Or for an extra special twist, why not have your significant other's fingerprint or own handwriting added to your ring.


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